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November 20, 2016

Nothing is better than tackling the open road on a motorcycle. You’ve spent all year weeding through catalogs and online retailers to find the best Honda cbr accessories and motorcycle parts for your bike to kick it up a notch, including new motorcycle tires. It seems like the motorcycle gods are smiling on us all because the weather has been nothing short of spectacular. Yet, many riders are looking for one or two more rides to cap off a beautiful riding season. Here are a couple of places you can try to test your bike and your skills.

Mulholland Highway

Mulholland Highway is a real gift. It is one of the most beautiful rides you could ever take. This ride became popular when Steve McQueen started blazing throughout it on Triumph in the 60’s. Yet there is one section called “The Snake” that will put you and your bike to the test. The final leg of “The Snake” is a 180-degree hairpin turn called Edwards Corner. This corner has seen more riders try to showboat and end up in the guard rail or worse.

Tail Of The Dragon

Deals Gap, also known as the Tail of the Dragon is an 11-mile stretch of beautiful blacktop through Tennessee. Throughout this 11-mile stretch you’re going to hit 318 curves that include tons of blind curves and blind crests. To make it even more interesting, the narrow roads are being pushed in on by the forest, as if it is reaching out to drag you.

The Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is a 25-mile strip of road through Colorado. It is a part of the San Juan Highway, and if you’re not driving too fast, a beautiful ride. However, the unpredictable, rapidly changing weather conditions can make even the most experienced riders cringe. Did we fail to mention that major sections of this highway do not have shoulders or guard rails to keep you from going off into a canyon or ravine? Make sure you drive responsibly on The Million Dollar Highway, or it could be the last ride you ever take.

Before you try to tackle any of these three rides, make sure to double check your bike and make sure you check out Bike Bandit for any last-minute upgrades or motorcycle parts you might need. This way you can make sure your bike is in pristine condition for these rides.