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Torch Heated Insole Operating Instruction Trouble Shooting

If you are having difficulty operating your Torch Heated Insoles, please follow these steps to trouble shoot.

1. Please make sure the batteries are fully charged (plug them in until the light on the insole turns green).  Unplug the insole from the charger.  Then press and hold the black button on the heel of the insole until the light flashes red (you may have to press and hold for up to 4 seconds).  The light will stay red for only a few seconds, indicating the insoles have powered on. 

2. Then hit the H button on the remote (turning the insoles on high heat), the light will then turn red again for a couple seconds and will turn off.  Then wait a minute or two and then feel the heat on the insoles.  The heat element is placed on the ball of the foot just below the toes. 

3. To adjust the heat, hit the H (High), M (Medium) or L (Low).  When you adjust the heat, the power button on the remote will flash, confirming that the temperature has been adjusted.  Also, to confirm the temperature has been adjusted the lights on the heel of the insole will flash red when on high, and will flash red and green when on medium, and will flash green when on low. 

4. Use the power button on the remote to turn the insoles on and off.  If the insoles do not turn off, you can manually turn them off by using the black button on the heel of the insole.  Press and hold the black power button on the heel for up to 4 seconds until the red and green lights flash twice indicating the insoles have powered off.

If you are still having issues, please contact info@torchcoatheater.com