FITBACK- Heat + Support Performance Back Brace

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FitBack Heated Lumbar Back Brace Size Chart
fitback heated back brace lumbar support with adjustable heat size chart

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Hassle-free low back heat therapy for instant relief anytime, anywhere. With posture correcting support and a design for max comfort.

  • Advanced heat therapy allows you to effortlessly apply the perfect amount of heat to your low back and to soothe sore muscles for fast relief.
  • Rigid Back supports work to protect your back from painful movements while aligning joints to achieve better posture, which is known to decrease pain and improve your overall health and mood.
  • Designed for Maximum Comfort, FitBack is thin, lightweight, breathable and flexible, so you can wear it under a shirt at work, working out, on road trips or on a plane for relief anytime, anywhere.


Compatible with the Torch 2.0 Power Bank and is capable of charging your cell phone too!


Introducing FitBack

FitBack is the ultra-portable heat therapy accessory that promises to help alleviate your back pain while supporting your back to correct posture and avoid painful movements. Bring FitBack with you anywhere. Forget the plugs, outlets and microwaveable heat packs. A simple press of a button activates heat that will melt your pain away.

Buy in Confidence!

1 Year Warranty on all products, Contact us with any issue and we will fix it!

Package Includes one HEAT + SUPPORT BACK BRACE, one custom Super-Slim multi-use power bank battery (comes with charger) that is rechargeable and can also be used to charge your cell phone and other devices.

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