Torch Coat Heater Battery (Includes 1 US Charger)

The Torch team loves having a spare battery for those trips that have the potential to last longer than 5 hours, or for the really cold adventures when you may have the heater on high for the entire duration of the trip. The additional battery kit comes with a 7.4 Volt lithium ion battery that is rechargeable, has 4 heat settings and can last up to 5 hours.

    • One US charger is included.
    • Stay Warm twice as long with an additional battery
    • Keep a spare handy
  • Specifications

    • One rechargeable 7.4 Volt, 2600mah lithium ion battery
    • One US charger included.
    • 4 heat settings.
    • Rechargeable and comes with a standard US charger.
    • Lasts for up to 500 cycles.
    • Has proper CE, UN and UL certifications.