Our Team

We Belong Outdoors.

We have challenged the status quo by innovating new and exciting ways for us to endure the elements and truly belong outdoors. We are your Freedom from the Elements.

We are the developers of the Torch Coat Heater, a battery-operated heater designed to fit discreetly in your coat. Torch allows you to control your core temperature with the touch of a button, in any jacket of your choosing. Torch is removable and transferable, so feel free to pass it from coat to coat, for any and every adventure of your choosing.

We are currently expanding our products to help keep your feet and hands warmer than any glove or boot can offer. Coming soon this winter is our new line of Heated Insoles and Heated Gloves.

We are Blazing our own Trail to complete Freedom from the Elements so we can once again, Truly Belong Outdoors.

The Team

As a team, we believe in challenging the status quo, so we strive to innovate and reinvent. We believe that positive change occurs through a simple shift in our way of thinking. We prescribe to the mantra that purpose drives innovation, so we find new perspectives to solve new and old problems. We may be one of many, but our passion for the outdoors will inspire and promote change; change for a better product, a better life and hopefully a better world.  Anything is possible.


Heated Apparel for Everyone

At Friction Gear Co. we believe in safe, quality and purpose driven solutions aimed at enhancing the experiences we cherish. We love the winter and everything the season offers, so we innovated and reinvented our gear to subdue the cold. The memories of our adventures are no longer cluttered by thoughts of the cold, and we remember only one thing: the great time we had.


How did we come up with the idea for Torch?

I have always disliked the cold, but absolutely loved all the adventures the winter season provided, especially snowboarding. One winter I was venturing to Northern Michigan and in an attempt to beat the cold I began shopping for battery heated coats. I never ended up buying a heated coat because I couldn't afford most options and I couldn't find the style I was looking for. In fact, I loved the coat I had, I was just hoping to find some sort of heater to put in my coat. To my surprise, nothing like that existed.

What makes Torch special?

Torch is special because you can put it in any style coat and transfer it from coat to coat. I have put my Torch in my suit coat, pea coat, snowboarding coat, down jacket and even an outer-shell. The versatility is unmatched and Torch can literally accompany anyone on any adventure no matter what they decide to wear. In fact, Torch will be accompanying a climber to the summit of Everest, a motorcycle enthusiast on a journey from South America to Alaska, and will also be worn by a couple professional snowboarders this season.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The crowdfunding experience was amazing and so much fun. We had some very amazing people back our project and offer some very useful insight into our project. We are forever grateful to the backers of Torch.

Meet the Team! 

Anthony DeVito 

An innovator at heart with a passion for solving problems, Anthony is the idea man of the team and the inventor of Torch. With an engineering degree and 10 years of experience in the construction industry, he has an eye toward quality and safety and has managed several high profile construction projects. Anthony has the drive to create something out of nothing, and he somehow makes it look fun along the way. He loves 3D modeling, graphic design and product development and also has experience with logistics and distribution.

Robert Slate


Rob is true outdoors men.  He spreads his time snowboarding, climbing, biking and whitewater rafting.  He loves the outdoors but he is also a serial entrepreneur. Rob recently sold his AV company in Phoenix, AZ and has now moved to Colorado and is working on Torch in the terrain he was meant for. Business may be what he's good at, but traveling and living life to the fullest is his passion. 

Lucian Cesarz

Luke has a background in supply chain management in the aerospace industry and prior to that, was an engineer in the construction industry. He has always been a tinkerer, preferring to work with his hands rather than work at a computer. Luke has helped build missiles for the US Government, so I would say he is perfectly qualified to build a coat heater. He looks for precision, function and value in the merchandise he buys and has a strong passion for delivering the absolute best product to the customer.